Advertise a new Python job by making a github push

My colleagues Steve Stagg has created a wonderful new thing – an entirely free Python jobs board.

Anybody can add a new job simply by making a GitHub pull request. It’s a work of genius because it’s the absolute simplest possible solution to a problem that’s been bothering me for weeks – and the beauty of this solution is that they’ve figured out a way to make a service that we’d normally have to pay for entirely free.

Not so long ago we used to advertise on the job board – it was a very effective way to find good people. Unfortunately the old board relied on the good will of a very small pool of volounteers and nobody within the Python Foundation seems to have the time to work on it. It’s not been updated since last summer. We wanted to create an alternative that wouldn’t be such a burden for the community that runs it – and that means we needed something that would be cheap to host and cheap to administer. The solution wasto run this jobs board like an open-source software project.

If you want to submit a new job to this site all you have to do is make a GitHub pull request to the jobs repo. There are no forms to fill in. There’s no money to pay. Advertising for a developer job is no longer something you get an HR department to do – it becomes part of your development workflow.

Certainly submitting a job on this site is going to seem a bit technically challenging for the kinds of people who normally work in recruiting – but I think that’s a feature and not a bug: We hope that by taking advantage of GitHub’s well proven code-review mechanism and it’s superb scalability we can make a community driven job board that helps developers find their perfect jobs – and we can make it entirely free of charge forever.

These are the principles we want to aspire to:

  • Absolutely Free, Forever: We don’t want to charge for posting a job advert – ever.
  • Anybody can post: From multinational to mom & pop business you are welcome to advertise your jobs.
  • Agents, IT Consultancies and Headhunters – you are welcome too: We just want you to be open about exactly who you are recruiting for.
  • Everything is open source: The code we use to build the static site, even our collection of jobs. Feel free to take it all, or better still help us to improve.

We just launched the site yesterday – we are really keen to know how you feel about this new service. If you have any feedback please log an issue via our GitHub tracker.